Voice and Call Forwarding Systems: Features Increase Level of Professionalism

Special call forwarding systems features can project competency, propel small business forward

Okay, this might seem like a minor feature to talk about when it comes to call forwarding system features, but stay with me, there’s a reason behind it. Let’s talk about music. Not pop stars or the latest industry drama, but plain, simple music when you place a call and are put on hold. Is it that big of deal?

I once worked for a guy who I affectionately called “Sergeant Webster.” This is because he knew the most random of facts, trivia and useless information. He was very smart, and was the master of business strategies. He could win any debate, and he could talk his way out of a paper bag. He was the director of a non-profit organization, ruled with authority and took no prisoners.

So one day (this was at least ten years ago) he stormed into the office and ranted about getting our call forwarding system set up with a professionally recorded voice and music system for our on-hold customers. Why was this suddenly a priority?

Because he had studied research that revealed customers left on hold with music and voice messages about a corporation or company, versus customers that listened to silence, were in better moods, more cooperative, and more likely to spend money.

His poor assistant was assigned with the duty of finding a provider, which wasn’t nearly so easy to do then as it is now. She had to pick a voice talent, pick a style of music, and coordinate all the minor details that went along with it in order to get our on-hold features up to par with our director’s desires. It took, literally, weeks. But once it got up and running, we did see a difference. We noticed how our customers appreciated it and made comments, we noticed the mood changes, and we felt like our little bitty office of seven staff members seemed to appear more “legitimate,” to say the least.

This leads me to the whole point of this blog. People don’t like to be put on hold, but you can do something to make the experience a little less annoying, a little more pleasurable. You can project a new level of professionalism with your call forwarding system! Just as large corporations provide on hold music for their customers, you can too. During a live call transfer, your customer will hear a relaxing instrumental piece until they are connected with you! Which, according to “Sergeant Webster,” and all his research, will lead to positive things for your image and your bottom line.

So let the music play, and step up to a new level of business.

Call Forwarding Takes The Stress Out of Taking Time Off


It’s the nature of a small business — each and every employee is often integral to daily operations, and most wear multiple hats.

This is largely because of the many tasks that are a necessary part of an ongoing business — phones need to be answered, Google AdWord accounts need to be monitored, clients need to be wined and dined, the trash needs to be taken out, etc.

This reality was underscored in the results of a recent eVoice survey. Among the findings: “Covering multiple jobs” (53 percent) and “Not enough time to get everything done” (50 percent) were the most cited difficult aspects of running a small business—more so than “Making a profit” (35 percent).

As important and demanding as the day-to-day portion of a business is, the need for time off is always present and just as important — be it because of medical emergencies, family issues or just a much-needed break.

Staying well is integral for small business continuity, and many studies have found that vacation time promotes health. A study by Joudry and Wallace found that active pursuits away from the office, including golfing excursions and vacations, greatly reduced job stress in a random group of lawyers.

And here’s a surprise: recent data shows that in some cases, working on vacation might also help with stress.

An Intuit infographic shows that around two-thirds of business leaders spend a sizable amount of time worrying about their great-small-business-balancing-actbusiness while on vacation, but 52 percent find relief in the fact that their phone can allow them to stay connected to the office.

A virtual phone number enables a small business owner to work from anywhere without worrying about missing a call or losing touch with the business. For example, Call Forwarding Service allows incoming calls to your business number to be routed anwyhere you designate — cell phone, cabin, satellite office, etc.

Thanks to this feature, you can take a client call all while sipping a fruity umbrella drink, watching a lazy sunset from the shore of a white sand beach (and the client doesn’t even have to know!)

So, that getaway you’ve been considering? Take it! You might be surprised at how relaxing it can be knowing you’re not leaving your business behind!

Forward Calls Around the World Without Much Effort At All

The steps associated with the ability to forward calls have become extremely simple in modern times. You can now forward calls around the world without much effort at all. Calls can be forwarded to phones in virtually any country in the world from any country in the world.

The ability to forward calls can make anyone’s life much easier because it makes communication more accessible to many more people. When someone is traveling, for example, the ability to forward calls allows them to receive calls at their regular phone number. To better explain what it means to forward calls, lets imagine that you live in New York City and your local phone number there is (212) 555-1234. You travel to Sidney, Australia on business. You set up your New York number to forward calls to a phone in Sidney that will be accessible to you. Now when anyone calls (212) 555-1234, the call will be automatically forwarded to your phone in Sidney where you can receive it. This way you do not miss important calls made to your New York number.

Forwarding calls is so easy, that you can have calls forwarded to one phone in the morning, another phone in the afternoon, a different one at night, and so on. Calls can be forwarded to a number of phones at once as well. This is great if you do not know exactly which phone will be the most accessible to you throughout the day. The call will ring to all the phones you set up so you can receive the call on any of them.

It does not matter if you forward calls to a mobile phone, a fixed phone, a business phone, a home phone, etc. Wherever you choose to receive the calls, you will enjoy great quality if you choose the right call forwarding provider.

What Makes International Call Forwarding a Useful Service?


International call forwarding is a service that allows phone calls to be forwarded from one phone number to others all over the world. The idea behind call forwarding is allowing people to receive calls even though they are not near the phone they normally receive calls on. With international call forwarding, people can receive calls in other countries when their regular phone number is dialed. This can be done by having a local number in a particular area, which forwards to your area, or by having a toll free number that forwards directly to you wherever you are.

Take Advantage of International Call Forwarding Services

There are many reasons to take advantage of international call forwarding services. Call forwarding is great for expatriates, frequent travelers, business people, entrepreneurs, and many more. International call forwarding can be done with the use of local numbers around the world or toll free numbers around the world. Both work great depending on what you plan on using it for. Toll free numbers are great for businesses, while local numbers are great for travelers and expatriates.

Select Country Call Forwarding

With international call forwarding, calls can be transferred from one phone to another or from one phone to a number of others, depending on how it is set up. You can have calls forwarded from one country to a variety of other countries. For example a call to Sao Paolo Brazil can be forwarded to phones in Dublin Ireland, Johannesburg South Africa, Paris France, and Montreal Canada.

Travel Anywhere Without Missing a Call

International call forwarding allows you to travel anywhere without having to miss important calls. No matter where you go, you can set up a phone to receive your forwarded calls. Call forwarding keeps you in touch with the people who need to be in touch with you without hassle.

How Does Call Routing Help You?

In today’s industry, businesses and individuals on the move have grown to rely on Call Routing. Using the latest telecommunications technology, call forwarding services can get you connected with phone numbers around the world, and the calls are routed to any of your existing phone lines, anywhere.

How Does Call Routing Help You?

Route calls by schedule: Time of day, day of week

Now you are able to route calls by schedule? Using our simple interface, you can easily create custom routing for office hours, lunch, after hours, weekends, and more.

Route calls by any percentage: Set up a virtual call center

Set the percentage of calls you want to go to each sales rep. Then, use the real-time manager’s dashboard to see how many calls connect to each agent and which agent is in line for the next call.

Route calls by geography: Area code & zip code

Do you have several store locations or franchises? Do you lease out vanity phone numbers to customers in various areas? No seamlessly route calls to a single phone number by area code or zip code to the nearest location.

Route calls by caller ID: Route or screen specific callers

Want to screen calls and create custom routing rules for specific phone numbers? Call forwarding services also allow this for their customers.

Free and Cheap Ways to Make International Calls


There was a time when calling internationally would cost an arm and a leg. Now we live in a far more global and high tech society and there are a number of options for cheap international calls. The ones that will work best for you depend on your preferred calling method as well as the resources you and the person you are calling have, i.e. computer, cell phone, land phone, et cetera.

How frequently you plan to engage in international calling can make a difference in your “mode of choice”, so to speak. It is worth noting that what was once considered “calling” now has a much broader meaning. In this new age your options extend past the old fashioned land lines, and you may be happy to know there are options that are not only inexpensive but free.

Depending on where, how frequent and the length of your call there are a few free options that can be used. All of these, of course, are online. You normally have to have video or at least the ability to plug a old fashioned corded phone into your computer. The following list is a rundown of the top contenders.

1) WhatsApp will give you two free calls or a set amount of minutes, depending on where you are calling for free. After that there is a nominal fee, in most cases. Fees can be as low a one cent per minute, even less in some cases but as high as two dollars or more for a few locals. Depending on where you are calling you can save a ton or not. Their prices are clearly posted. Still for a short one time call, you can not beat a few minutes for free!

2) Google will let you call PC to PC for free as long as the other person is a user of their service. However if you want to call a cell phone or landline it will cost you.

3) Yahoo Voice offers a similar service to Google. They will also charge you is your call is not PC to PC and calls to cell phones may even be more.

4) Global Call Forwarding is a good choice if you plan to be calling internationally all the time. For a flat rate of under 15 dollars you can have your own international call number and talk all you want. Perhaps perfect for all you chatterboxes.

5) myTelex may be your “go to” card if you really want to use your own phone. The do not have connection fees. Also you can get $10 for every person you get to use their card, which translates in to more minutes for you. The rates are a bit here and there, so depending on where you are calling they may not be the best choice.

Basically with a PC anything is possible for those needing any sort of international calling! Cheap international calls have never been easier to obtain. With that said, off our list WhatsApp may be your best bet for land lines and Google for PC to PC.

5 Tips for Startups and Entrepreneurs


Every day, news and statistics remind us how, among thousands of businesses launched per year, only a few hundred actually thrive. What have they been doing right that led to them being a success story, while others fall into the bottomless pit of failure? If you’re looking for the best advice to kick start your business with a bang, look no further. Here is some of the best advice that will help you launch successfully.

Tip #1: Same, Yet Different

While some individuals stress on developing something completely unique in terms of product and services, we politely disagree. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to figure out a way to make it work faster, or better (preferably both). If you’re out competing in the big boys league, you better have something that sets you apart from the rest. Focus on “What am I offering that the others aren’t?” Find that need gap and deficiency.

Tip #2: Did You Find Your Niche? Now Nail It!

Do you know what the key to the best competitive advantage is? It’s consumer insight. And you’ve found it. Your next step should be developing a process to offer your customers with your products and services. How accessible have you made it? Have you successfully communicated the product offering?

Tip #3: Have The Passion: And Let It Show

When we talk about having passion for your job, Steve Jobs couldn’t have said it any better: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life…And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

Tip #4: Focus On The Financial Aspect

The finances are the backbone of the company. Make sure you stay on top of your bookkeeping and profitability ratio analysis.

Tip #5: Stay Connected With Your Customers

The best processes and having a passion for your business could never trump your customers. They’re the end users, your mode of income, and ultimately the people you have to please. Develop a strong brand loyalty program, revolving around discount coupons, specials offers, events, and gift certificates.

Furthermore, make it easier for them to get in touch with you. One way that has really enhanced client/customer communication is having a call forwarding number. These are toll free numbers that focus on branding as well. For instance, if you’re business is Bliss Spa, you can get a number 888-772-25477 (888-SPA BLISS). These are memorable and provide your customers will a way to call you free of charges.

Home based business owners can use call forwarding numbers as smart marketing strategy

Call Forwarding Numbers

Home Business Management: Toll-Free Phone Numbers Attract New Customers

I went to the local farmer’s market last Saturday in search of the perfect watermelon. Also on my list was fresh corn, ripe tomatoes, and some hand-made soap for a friend’s birthday present. The food items were an easy find, and I also stumbled across some wonderful squash and some fresh honey. The soap, however, was a problem.

My friend loves this amazing locally made soap that has a hint of lavender along with a smidge of vanilla. It’s heaven in a bar. I try to stock up every year so I can have the perfect gifts on hand. So I walked up to the vendor, and quickly realized that they were out of this special blend. I felt a sudden rush of panic, because my intricate Saturday morning shopping plan was off-kilter. Since my friends birthday is next month, you can imagine the drama. The end of the world was near!

So I expressed my dismay to the soap lady (my personal term of endearment) and she looked at me calmly with a smile. “Oh, my dear, don’t worry,” she cooed. “Here’s my card. Call me next week after we have a new batch made. I’ll save you some bars and you can come pick them up at the market when you’re ready.” I love that soap lady.

And then she added, “And we have a new toll-free call forwarding number now, so you can call me anytime you want and I’ll make sure I have a special bundle ready for you from now on.” Did I tell you how much I love this soap lady?

And then came the kicker. “Actually, since this is for a special occasion, I’ll ship them to you directly for free. Just fill out your order here and give me your shipping information!” Okay, I was in soap nirvana. The soap lady gave me a little old-fashioned customer service with a twist: a toll-free phone number and immediate customer service. What a way to go.

And can you guess what I did? I not only ordered the soap, but I told all my friends, and even a few strangers, about how wonderful this vendor is and how I am a loyal customer for life. This wonderful home business owner made my life easier, she made her product instantly available, and she managed my customer need with warmth, competence and fast results.

So I suggest we all take a lesson from the soap lady. When it comes to smart small business, she’s wise beyond my years!

Home based business owners can see big benefits with toll free phone number

If you’re a home based business owner and you haven’t yet obtained a 1-800 phone number for your enterprise, what are you waiting for? There are lots of reasons why you don’t want to wait. Here are some proven benefits from being able to tout your own toll-free phone number:Your business will grow. It has proven that people (your potential customers) are more likely to call a toll-free number over a local number, and certainly over a long-distance one. Even if your customers are local, an 800 number makes you stand out.

Your customers will love you. Customers who have a toll-free number at hand to contact you feel taken care of. They believe that customer satisfaction is at the top of your list.

Your image will improve. Businesses with 800 numbers appear to be professional, competent and larger than they may actually be.
You get to compete with the big boys. If you take a look at other successful companies, including the Fortune 500s, you’ll see that they all have toll-free phone numbers.

You can stand out. If you not only get a toll-free number, but make it a vanity number as well, you can choose the perfect custom phone number that will help you be remembered.

You’ll communicate better. When you have free communication between you and customers, you and staff members or colleagues, you can actually track all of your calls and generate sales leads.

You’ll gain trust. It has been revealed in research that people are 30 times more likely to give out personal information when calling a toll-free number. This means that you gain a certain amount of trust from potential clients.

Your business will know no bounds. Once you have a toll-free number, your business expands across state lines and geographical boundaries. You can also direct your number to service your cell phone, along with your home or office. You can become available anywhere at anytime.

Getting a toll-free phone number for your business is paramount, if you want to see growth. The benefits you will receive are great, and your customers will appreciate the service over and over again.

Virtual Receptionist Services: Answer to Small Business Woes

female hand touch on screen for social network concept

Small business owners benefit from call forwarding phone services, virtual office assistance

Every small business owner knows how hard it is to stay on top of the workload. You have to focus on doing your job, but you also have an office to run. And like most small business owners, you probably don‘t have wads of cash in your pocket, just waiting to be given to more staff members who can do all the administrative work for you. You‘re probably lucky to have any office help at all.

Well, have no fear. While you‘re losing sleep over net profits, and juggling a million deadlines at a time, there is help out there. And it‘s easy to get.

You need a phone system, or rather a virtual receptionist, so to speak. You will feel like you’ve taken an instant happy pill once you gain the services of call forwarding. You‘re stress will dissolve, and you‘ll be able to focus on the things that really matter, like getting new customers and making the ones you already have happy and coming back for more.

Here are the benefits you‘ll experience:

  • You will gain a reliable and cost effective system that can answer and route your phone calls efficiently.
  • You will have all your calls answered in a professional and consistent manner.
  • Your calls will be transferred to the appropriate person without fail.
  • Your virtual receptionist will announce the name of the caller when you pick up the phone.
  • You will have the ability to accept important calls, and let voice mail pick up the ones you don‘t want to answer immediately.
  • Your customers will love the way your calls are handled: efficiently and professionally.
  • You can maintain accurate records of all missed calls, which can then be forwarded to you via email with the caller’s number and voice message.
  • You will save time and energy.

What’s not to love? So save all that cash you have in your pocket by turning to call forwarding. You’re accountant will thank you for it.

International Call Forwarding Offers Businesses Economical Advantages

International Globe Icon

No longer do you need to set up a brick and mortar office in order to build your customer base globally. International call forwarding has developed in a way to allow business a range of benefits so that they enjoy a smooth transaction of their businesses, along with a sustainable international expansion.

Want to know more about why you should get international call forwarding for your business? Here’s why!

You Are Always Available

Also referred to as call diverting, this advanced system allows you as business individuals to activate a single or a series of local numbers in any part of the world. So when an individual contacts this number, the call is redirected to your phone, regardless of your geographical location.

An Economical Solution

A good business will always evolve by capitalizing on new opportunities in flourishing geographical arenas and with new business associates. However, developing a physical office comes with additional overhead costs. The need to take on these expenses becomes redundant when call forwarding offers you a way to reach out, without the added costs. All you need to do is issue a call forwarding number!

With the help of international call forwarding services, you have yourself an economic solution to global reach. Check out some rates right here.

A Sales Tool For Companies

Another feature that also acts as a marketing tool for companies is that of interactive voice response. This takes customer service on a whole new level with an automated menu that guides your customers to resolve their issue based on their selection.

Time Of Day Routing: Adjust Who Takes The Calls When

You’re on a business trip to another state and you want your calls forwarded to a new number, new device, another individual or office. This is possible with global call forwarding. This sense of portability is another reason for companies to buy into this concept.

Toll Free Numbers Are Newsworthy For a Reason

News worthy

Small businesses gaining new toll free phone numbers can find plenty of reasons to publicize and market the news.

Have you ever noticed that when a business, health care institution or company obtains a new toll free number, they like to publicize it to everyone? If you’re a current customer, then you always get a postcard or letter in the mail announcing the new toll free number. Or you’ll see it in an ad or hear it on the radio. Why do you think getting a toll free number is newsworthy for a business?

There are actually numerous reasons why you want to let all your current and potential customers know about a new toll free phone number. And the very reasons why a toll free number is newsworthy are the same reasons for a company to obtain them. Getting a toll free phone number is just good business. If you haven’t gotten one yet for your business, just think of the exciting things you’ll experience when you do. Here are just a few:

  • Your company will appear more open and accessible to your clients, both current and potential ones.
  • You will be able to answer a customer’s question quickly and accurately while not making them incur long distance phone charges.
  • You will be encouraging dialogue and feedback with your customers.
  • You can better serve your client.
  • You will be easily reached by clients, vendors, sales staff or colleagues, no matter where they are located.
  • Lastly, toll-free numbers are permanent and are not affected by new area codes or a move to a new location.

When companies acquire a new toll free number, they want to let everyone know. It’s newsworthy because it helps your business grow. End of story.

Be reached anywhere in the World! Call forwarding benefits when traveling overseas.

Passport for Travel

Be reached anywhere in the World! Simply forward your 800-number to the International call forwarding destination (Hotel, Cabin, Cell Phone, etc) and receive your calls smoothly! With Low International Rates, it is more cost effective to receive calls than to place calls from International countries.

Call Forwarding benefits for Overseas Travel

  • Renting a Cell Phone while Overseas? Forward calls to the Cell Phone and save money with calls coming to you.
  • Give One Number to Family and Friends
  • Overseas Office? Give your customers a toll free number to call and save money with great International Rates!

Call Forwarding benefits for Local Travel

If you are at a business convention or on a business trip and you do not have reliable telephone access then you can have your 800 toll free number forwarded to your cell phone. And if for some reason your cell phone doesn’t get a signal then you can have your callers leave a message on your voicemail. The toll free number can automatically forward to any phone at any location.

If you have a long commute to work or you travel to different business locations then an 800 call forwarding service is ideal. And if you have a PDA with email capabilities then you can also receive faxes and emails to your phone because they are forwarded via email as PDF attachments.

Expand Globally – 800 Call Forwarding Benefits for Your Business


Consider the benefits of offering a toll free number for your office or business:

Customers can call free – The obvious benefit is that your prospective and current and clients can call you for free at no extra cost to them. This is especially helpful if they are calling from other parts of the country because they do not need to pay long distance charges. Toll free numbers offer a better customer experience and make you look good.

Memorable phone number – A toll free number is easier for a customer to remember. The number often includes your companies name which helps with branding. This is why toll-free numbers have also been called “Vanity Numbers” because you get to name them after your company.

More business – Businesses have said that they see a 30-60% increase in calls and orders from using a toll free number and that word of mouth also increases because people remember what to call. If your company has a strong presence on the web then a toll-free number significantly aids in the buying process. If you require people to pay to contact you than they will go somewhere else and you will have missed an opportunity to sell.

Business Flexibility – If you have multiple office locations or if you do business on-the-road, then an 800 toll free number offers the ultimate flexibility.

800 Call Forwarding Benefits at Home

Home Business Icon

There are many benefits if you can work from home. A toll free number adds credibility and will ensure you maintain a professional appearance even if you’re sitting in your pajamas.

Here are just a few call forwarding benefits at home:

Personal Freedom – Perhaps you are the sort of person who likes to work in their pajamas and take regular trips to the refrigerator. It doesn’t matter so long as you answer the phone on time and meet your customer’s needs. And if you ever need to leave the house then you can automatically have your toll free number forwarded to your cell phone.

Save Money – Save gas because you do not need to commute to work. Avoid leasing office space and paying utility costs. Avoid additional telephone costs by setting up multiple lines at home and having your toll-free number always available.

Increase Productivity – With less people to distract you, you will get more done. You can also spend more time working if you do not need to commute.

The Advantages of Hosted IVR Service Compared to PBX

IVR is widely used by telecom and call forwarding service companies to offer and share information with customers. Phone companies use IVR hosted services and easily transfer information to clients and customers at real time.

Unlike the PBX system, IVR does not use any hardware or equipment; rather it utilizes a hosted service. IVR Hosted services are also used for company information management, managing complaints with the help of live support, survey etc.

More than 40 countries across the globe make use of this IVR services and India is one country where the usage is growing fast. Thus, enabling Indian telecom companies, service providers and business establishments upgrade from PBX applications to hosted services. Media companies are also making use of hosted IVR services for bulk outbound voice messages like political campaigns, advertising, public notice etc.

IVR Advantages:

Virtual numbers on IVR service work like a normal mobile number i.e. 09565636563 or 09554443322 but a set of advanced features set them apart. The advantages of hosted IVR service:

  • Advance call forwarding depending upon business hours
  • Auto call handling with pre-set IVR
  • Instant missed call alerts via E-mail and Push Alerts (Android & iPhone) as well as on CRM panel
  • A CRM panel to manage your call records
  • Call routing to multiple users depending upon their availability
  • Can handle up to 6000 calls at a time
  • Real time call logs

One Number across India:

Clients can have a single number across India and this number can forward calls to different call centres through IVR prompts. Hosted IVR service serves as an accomplished branding tool because the number is unique, easy to remember and works across India.

Free IVR & Auto Attendant:

All calls facilitated through hosted IVR will be handled automatically with a customised greeting. Next to it, the calls are forwarded to pre-defined recipient as per caller’s input.

Missed Call Alerts via SMS & Email:

The system logs every call. So in case there is a missed call, the user will receive a missed call alert via SMS.

Call Recording:

User or client can record the complete conversation and download it for future reference anytime. This serves are a good training and reference material.


Hosted IVR service provides voicemail facility wherein customers send you a recorded audio clip.

Advance Call Forwarding:

Users can define their call forwarding rules, namely –black lists & white lists. One can set failover numbers so that the customer can contact, no matter what the situation is.

Click to Call:

The service connects with website visitors and concerts them to paid customers.

Detailed Reports and Analysis:

A detailed log of daily received call, missed calls and other details can be downloaded. Thus, enabling user make best use of incoming inquiry or calls. The service facilitates uses with daily e-mail alerts with important matrices.