Toll Free Numbers Are Newsworthy For a Reason

Small businesses gaining new toll free phone numbers can find plenty of reasons to publicize and market the news.

Have you ever noticed that when a business, health care institution or company obtains a new toll free number, they like to publicize it to everyone? If you’re a current customer, then you always get a postcard or letter in the mail announcing the new toll free number. Or you’ll see it in an ad or hear it on the radio. Why do you think getting a toll free number is newsworthy for a business?

There are actually numerous reasons why you want to let all your current and potential customers know about a new toll free phone number. And the very reasons why a toll free number is newsworthy are the same reasons for a company to obtain them. Getting a toll free phone number is just good business. If you haven’t gotten one yet for your business, just think of the exciting things you’ll experience when you do. Here are just a few:

  • Your company will appear more open and accessible to your clients, both current and potential ones.
  • You will be able to answer a customer’s question quickly and accurately while not making them incur long distance phone charges.
  • You will be encouraging dialogue and feedback with your customers.
  • You can better serve your client.
  • You will be easily reached by clients, vendors, sales staff or colleagues, no matter where they are located.
  • Lastly, toll-free numbers are permanent and are not affected by new area codes or a move to a new location.

When companies acquire a new toll free number, they want to let everyone know. It’s newsworthy because it helps your business grow. End of story.

Be reached anywhere in the World! Call forwarding benefits when traveling overseas.

Be reached anywhere in the World! Simply forward your 800-number to the International call forwarding destination (Hotel, Cabin, Cell Phone, etc) and receive your calls smoothly! With Low International Rates, it is more cost effective to receive calls than to place calls from International countries.

Call Forwarding benefits for Overseas Travel

  • Renting a Cell Phone while Overseas? Forward calls to the Cell Phone and save money with calls coming to you.
  • Give One Number to Family and Friends
  • Overseas Office? Give your customers a toll free number to call and save money with great International Rates!

Call Forwarding benefits for Local Travel

If you are at a business convention or on a business trip and you do not have reliable telephone access then you can have your 800 toll free number forwarded to your cell phone. And if for some reason your cell phone doesn’t get a signal then you can have your callers leave a message on your voicemail. The toll free number can automatically forward to any phone at any location.

If you have a long commute to work or you travel to different business locations then an 800 call forwarding service is ideal. And if you have a PDA with email capabilities then you can also receive faxes and emails to your phone because they are forwarded via email as PDF attachments.

Expand Globally – 800 Call Forwarding Benefits for Your Business


Consider the benefits of offering a toll free number for your office or business:

Customers can call free – The obvious benefit is that your prospective and current and clients can call you for free at no extra cost to them. This is especially helpful if they are calling from other parts of the country because they do not need to pay long distance charges. Toll free numbers offer a better customer experience and make you look good.

Memorable phone number – A toll free number is easier for a customer to remember. The number often includes your companies name which helps with branding. This is why toll-free numbers have also been called “Vanity Numbers” because you get to name them after your company.

More business – Businesses have said that they see a 30-60% increase in calls and orders from using a toll free number and that word of mouth also increases because people remember what to call. If your company has a strong presence on the web then a toll-free number significantly aids in the buying process. If you require people to pay to contact you than they will go somewhere else and you will have missed an opportunity to sell.

Business Flexibility – If you have multiple office locations or if you do business on-the-road, then an 800 toll free number offers the ultimate flexibility.

800 Call Forwarding Benefits at Home

There are many benefits if you can work from home. A toll free number adds credibility and will ensure you maintain a professional appearance even if you’re sitting in your pajamas.

Here are just a few call forwarding benefits at home:

Personal Freedom – Perhaps you are the sort of person who likes to work in their pajamas and take regular trips to the refrigerator. It doesn’t matter so long as you answer the phone on time and meet your customer’s needs. And if you ever need to leave the house then you can automatically have your toll free number forwarded to your cell phone.

Save Money – Save gas because you do not need to commute to work. Avoid leasing office space and paying utility costs. Avoid additional telephone costs by setting up multiple lines at home and having your toll-free number always available.

Increase Productivity – With less people to distract you, you will get more done. You can also spend more time working if you do not need to commute.


The Advantages of Hosted IVR Service Compared to PBX

IVR is widely used by telecom and call forwarding service companies to offer and share information with customers. Phone companies use IVR hosted services and easily transfer information to clients and customers at real time.

Unlike the PBX system, IVR does not use any hardware or equipment; rather it utilizes a hosted service. IVR Hosted services are also used for company information management, managing complaints with the help of live support, survey etc.

More than 40 countries across the globe make use of this IVR services and India is one country where the usage is growing fast. Thus, enabling Indian telecom companies, service providers and business establishments upgrade from PBX applications to hosted services. Media companies are also making use of hosted IVR services for bulk outbound voice messages like political campaigns, advertising, public notice etc.

IVR Advantages:

Virtual numbers on IVR service work like a normal mobile number i.e. 09565636563 or 09554443322 but a set of advanced features set them apart. The advantages of hosted IVR service:

  • Advance call forwarding depending upon business hours
  • Auto call handling with pre-set IVR
  • Instant missed call alerts via E-mail and Push Alerts (Android & iPhone) as well as on CRM panel
  • A CRM panel to manage your call records
  • Call routing to multiple users depending upon their availability
  • Can handle up to 6000 calls at a time
  • Real time call logs

One Number across India:

Clients can have a single number across India and this number can forward calls to different call centres through IVR prompts. Hosted IVR service serves as an accomplished branding tool because the number is unique, easy to remember and works across India.

Free IVR & Auto Attendant:

All calls facilitated through hosted IVR will be handled automatically with a customised greeting. Next to it, the calls are forwarded to pre-defined recipient as per caller’s input.

Missed Call Alerts via SMS & Email:

The system logs every call. So in case there is a missed call, the user will receive a missed call alert via SMS.

Call Recording:

User or client can record the complete conversation and download it for future reference anytime. This serves are a good training and reference material.


Hosted IVR service provides voicemail facility wherein customers send you a recorded audio clip.

Advance Call Forwarding:

Users can define their call forwarding rules, namely –black lists & white lists. One can set failover numbers so that the customer can contact, no matter what the situation is.

Click to Call:

The service connects with website visitors and concerts them to paid customers.

Detailed Reports and Analysis:

A detailed log of daily received call, missed calls and other details can be downloaded. Thus, enabling user make best use of incoming inquiry or calls. The service facilitates uses with daily e-mail alerts with important matrices.

The Prime Advantages of Bulk Voice Call Services

Bulk voice calls service facilitates pre-recorded voice-messages to be sent to many numbers of mobile or landline telephones spontaneously by a single click. The bulk voice transmission software supports the process and benefits the users; individual or business establishments. The prime advantages being secured, cost competent and time-saving; Bulk Voice Call services are immensely used by survey agencies, marketing companies, financial consultants, BPOs and many other business establishments for diverse applications. Some very prevalent applications of Bulk Voice Calls are as follows :

Client Surveys:

Bulk voice call is extensively used for client / customer surveys. This technique has made surveys and market researches simpler, cost effective and resource saving.

Campaign & Voter Registration:

The election campaigns have become more progressive via bulk voice call facility. The candidates contesting for different positions promote themselves and put forth their agenda and also personalized messages through bulk voice calls and reach to maximum number of voters. Voters can also respond and register, which further facilitates a tentative entrance-poll count.

Mobile Marketing:

A large number of business establishments make use of voice call services to market and promote their products and services. Be it a launch of new products & services, a sale to clear its stock or a promotion of any deal, bulk voice calls have proven to be a profitable mode of marketing & promotion. A well recorded and impressive massage over bulk voice call service from a valued telecom provider will sort your marketing blues!

Reminders and Notifications:

Be it a bill payment reminder or notification of service expiry and renewal, Bulk Voice Call service makes the process cost effective, timely and resource saving. Messages to a group of individuals of the category can be sent within no time and the process demands no human intervention. The automated system will dial to numerous given numbers using programming logic and will play the pre-recorded message, which is to be conveyed.

Voice calls are also used in lead generations where businesses or event managing organizations seek to attract several potential customers. Fundraising efforts are also done via bulk voice calls. Being an affordable campaigning method, several NGOs, Government Agencies etc., make use of this platform to send voice messages to many people at very low cost.

Free Call Forwarding: Your Ultimate Business Tool

Free call forwarding is an incredible way to set up your local or international business in the area you desire sans facing any hassles. This is not all. You do not require spending money from your account to set up physical business site. There are numerous other reasons for businesses to use free call forwarding service. Some of the major ones include easy establishment of local presence in niche trade area, enhanced customer service, and centralization of business phone calls. Here is an example of how you can localize your business and earn more profits.

Localization of Business

Let us assume that you have a business serving clients in Chicago and Philadelphia. This also indicates that have local phone numbers in both cities in conjunction with an 800 number. Your prospective clients will either call on local city number or the allotted toll free number. The local city number may or may not instantly connect to your physical office in the city at times. It is therefore directed to the toll number. This makes the caller think that he is calling an office situated in Chicago. This is due the local telephone number. The service is referred to as call forwarding facility. It is utilized towards localization of a business.

Enhanced Customer Service

This is one of the most common reasons for using free call forwarding service. Improved customer service will help you increase profit prospects of your business. For example, if you have a corporate office with many branch offices, setting up a full-fledged call forwarding service to the corporate office. This is especially helpful during non availability of representatives of branch. The service will also be useful when a customer representative is busy on another call. The customer dials local phone number of a business but is directed to the corporate office without any interruption. All local calls are routed to a centralized business call centre.

Easy Set Up

One of the major advantages of using free call forwarding service is its user friendly set up. The set up process is very easy and does not require much assistance of time.

International Business

If you are running a business at international level, the free call forwarding facility will be highly useful for you. All local and national calls will be seamlessly directed towards global toll free numbers. These calls will automatically reach targeted nations. The only requirement here is to set up a call forwarding service. Using an international toll free number, caller can call the number targeted to the desired nations. These calls are free. This means that your international clients will not require paying toll to contact you. The free call forwarding set up will facilitate calls to be directed to the desired phone line. This can be you corporate office number, mobile phone number, centralized call centre of a nation or any number you desire.

Virtual Number

The free call forwarding will ensure that callers across the globe will reach up to you regardless of their location. You will benefit from a portable virtual phone number that is directed to the number you allotted while facilitating callers to dial neighbouring phone numbers.

Phone Call Forwarding Features That Can Boost Your Business

Call Forwarding Icon

Phone call forwarding is about more than just rerouting calls. Today, this service can accomplish many of the tasks that bog businesses down in their day-to-day operations. They also offer features that can help you take your business to the next level. Here are a few great things you can do with phone call forwarding.

Be There For Your Customers

Probably the single biggest benefit to using phone call forwarding is that it makes you available all the time for your customers. They no longer get busy signals or messages saying that you’re out of the office. The calls come straight to your cell or whatever other lines you designate, and that means that you can be reached anywhere anytime. This goes a long way in boosting your company’s customer service and it puts you ahead of the competition.

Integrate Everything

The days of old phone systems connected by a maze of wires are long over. These days, we use VoIP protocols like Skype and carry around pocket-sized computers for our phone calls. With phone call forwarding services you can get standard features that years ago were science fiction. You can integrate your phone system with your VoIP protocol, set up email notifications when you get calls, and put your fax and phone into one easy number. This makes it easier for you to stay in touch where and when you need to.

Automate And Save Time

You don’t need a switchboard operator to handle multiple calls and multiple lines anymore. Automated systems that are now standard with phone call forwarding can answer your phone, route calls where they need to go and take messages. They can automatically block calls and handle multiple mailboxes at once. Some companies even offer services that can automate your schedule of availability; you enter your schedule into the system once, and it remembers for you so you don’t have to turn it on and off.

More Marketing For Your Business

One of the most exciting features of phone call forwarding is that it allows you to track calls. Companies have always wanted to find out exactly which ads are generating what business, and now you can do that without asking your customers. The phone call forwarding system keeps track of it all for you. It can also measure call time and compile all of your statistics into a report for you.

Phone call forwarding is making it easier than ever before to run your business. Why waste time and money handling it all yourself? If it sounds good to you, get online and shop around for forwarding services. Check out their features and see what solutions they have to offer you.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Call Forwarding Number

Have you ever considered using a call forwarding number? This is a virtual phone number that has a wide array of uses to make your business’s day-to-day functioning smoother and easier. It can also be used to present a more professional image and protect your privacy. Here are 5 things it can do for you.

A More Professional Image

Lots of companies get a call forwarding number in order to improve their image. Small companies can choose virtual toll free numbers to make them look more established. Getting an 800 number for your company really changes the level of professionalism in your customers’ and clients’ eyes. To them, you go from a small local service to a nationwide business.

Local Numbers For Different Areas

On the other hand, if you’re a nationwide company that wants to present a local image, a virtual number can help. For example, if you’re a nationwide chain of car repair shops that has all of its telephone answering needs handled at one call center, you can really benefit by having a local number. Even if it’s a huge chain, people prefer to think of their mechanics as local folks. The same goes for any business where you want to present a local image.

US Numbers For Overseas Companies

This can be even more essential for companies that are based overseas. You can use a call forwarding number to give you a US number, and this will make American customers more comfortable using your services. Some people might be put off by the idea of doing business with an international. If you operate in many different countries, you can get a virtual number for each. This not only improves your image, but also makes it easier for them to call you.

Protect Your Privacy

A call forwarding number also offers privacy. You can hide your real phone number to prevent certain calls from coming through. This cuts down on sales calls and other bothers. You can keep these numbers unlisted and even customize them for certain customers. Standard packages also come with privacy protection features like call blocking and caller ID.

Extra Features

Finally, companies that offer virtual numbers also have a wide range of other features. This can be everything from simple standard features like call waiting, blocking and message management to full integration with VoIP, advertising tracking and schedule automation.

If you think your company might benefit from a call forwarding number, get online and start shopping for services. Once you find a few companies that offer this service, look around at the other features that they can give you. You can get all of your company’s communications needs taken care of in one easy place.